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September 26, 2011

Robot Epistemology Tea Time Talk 2011

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I promised several people I would put up the recording of my Tea Time Talk “Robot Epistemology: The Problem of Knowledge and Data.” (link is for the slides with presenter notes and no audio) Since I’ve been pushing for years to record more of the presentations at the university, it’s time to actually do it.

I believe it descends into chaos partly through—I tried to cover too much and started jumping around. But, better it be out there imperfectly than invisible!

Robot Epistemology: The Problem of Knowledge and Data from Anna Koop on Vimeo.

Comments and critiques always welcome. Random thoughts: I was sorry the “what I’m actually doing” portion got so little time and thought I probably had too many comics in the end. Also, I talk faster than I thought. I’ve been trying to do just enough philosophy to make our ideas clear without actually being a philosopher and I think it shows. It would be nice to have an actual philosopher working with us.

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